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Leslie, a young "millennial," tries to relax in the backyard of her newly acquired Bed-Stuy brownstone in Brooklyn just as Douglass Frederick, a long-time resident of the neighborhood, brings out his boombox and sets up his barbecue grill next door. Can neighbors, new and old, bridge the fences that divide them

In 1960’s rural Mississippi, a traveling, insecure salesman, Alcyde Moses, attempts to sell his latest invention, a spin machine, at the town’s annual fair. He promises this machine speeds up the energy vortices in the human body which leads to better health and even enlightenment.  He happens upon a farm/ boarding house run by the stern and overprotective Joseph, his compassionate but sickly wife, Berniece and their two grown children, Joe Jr. and Sapphira. 


The play discusses themes of enlightenment, health, evolution, multidimensionality, and of course love and relationships.

Hell, California is an anthology series created by Christian Elder; developed by a team of six writers meeting virtually since the beginning of the pandemic. It primarily takes place in a mysterious, mythical California border town called Hell. Each episode is a standalone tale of hardboiled crime fiction, casting a light on the human condition through stories about greed, lust and murder. 


Conversations with Artist, Entrepreneurs, Writers & Innovators Series

This series highlights practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. Our goal is to give our audience insights into the process of people from our communities and to share viewpoints about our collective spaces.

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