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Behind the Screen

Conversations with Artist, Entrepreneurs, Writers & Innovators Series.

This series highlights practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. Our goal is to give our audience insights into the process of people from our communities and to share viewpoints about our collective spaces.

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Ray Studevent

09 | Author

Ray Studevent, author of the Puliter nominated book Black Sheep, was born in 1967 in Washington, D.C. during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. He is a bi-racial, light-skinned man who was thrust into cultural and political issues of that time living in Chocolate City. His Behind The Screen conversation spotlights comedic and poignant readings from Black Sheep and discusses the love for his mother, Lemell Studevent.

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Antonio Salazar Hobson

08 | Lawyer

Native tribal lawyer, union-side labor lawyer and advocate, and writer, Antonio shares his story with Zoomcatchers on his edition of Behind the Screen. He published a memoir Antonio We Know You, coming March 2022.


Jimmy Santiago Baca

07 | Poet

Jimmy Santiago Baca is an award-winning American poet and writer of Chicano descent. He is a winner of the prestigious International Award for his memoir, “A Place to Stand,” the story of which is now also a documentary by the same title. He shares his writing and insights during this Behind The Screen.

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Mario Montoya

06 | Writer

Mario Montoya is a Chicano essayist, poet and emcee. He received an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at UNM in 2021. He was also Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine Blue Mesa Review. Mario is a proud resident of Burque (Albuquerque, NM) where he was born and raised. His work has appeared in various books, anthologies, journals and websites. He shares readings about life living with life altering condition during this episode of Behind The Screen.


Ohene Cornelius

05 | Musician

Ohene Cornelius is a “certified artist” from New York who works as a musician, comedian and actor. He has played at numerous festivals and events, including SXSW. During his Behind The Beat conversation, he discusses being an artist and working during COVID-19, relationships and making music for future generations and sharing his music with a live performance.


Eike Waltz

04 | Artist

Eike Waltz has enjoyed a twofold career as ballet dancer in my native Germany and as an US based international engineering designer and international electronics industry consultant (US citizen since 1997). Between these careers, he has studied fine art and industrial design at the Royal College of Art in London (MdesRCA). He reads from his new book and shares life lessons learned during his Behind The Screen.


Kathleen Cunningham

03 | Designer

Kathleen has impressive experience as a surface designer, art director for non-profits, and as a professional photographer. Her current work is focused photographing flowers and foliage, and creating patterns with them using a kaleidoscope app. Through and online store, Kathleen sells apparel designed with her patterns. With Zoomcatchers she held a product launch showcasing her process and products.


Kaili Y. Turner

02 | Comedian

Kaili Y. Turner is a comedian, actress, writer, producer and puppeteer. She is a SNL/Second City Fellow and writer on Gym Short Comedy on Amazon Prime. Her Behind the Screen conversation features her seriously funny alter-ego puppet and she shares her experiences still finding time to be creative as a mom during the pandemic.


Kathryn Cross

01 | Entrepreneur

Kathryn, a recent graduate of Wellesley College, is model, influencer, and most notably the founder of Bridge Strategy Consulting, a gen-Z oriented management and marketing consultancy. She is also the founder of a new company, Anja Health. Her Behind the Screen episode addresses her experience of launching a company at 21 years old, the professional world post-graduation during Covid-19, the modeling industry, and her next moves.

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