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Client Testimonials

Five Star Events

As a speaker in Zoomcatchers’ speaker series, I was extremely pleased and surprised with how well Zoomcatchers was able to conduct virtual events. The team publicized the event with dynamic social media posts and content. The team was also extremely diligent with checking in with me beforehand, ensuring that the event would play out exactly as it should with all of the content that I wanted to include. During the event, I was prepped and ready to know exactly how it should go, and after the event, the team did a great job with following up and answering my questions. Overall, the event went very smoothly. The team harnessed all of the Zoom features they could to make it practically the same caliber as an in-person event. This is the future!

Kathryn Cross, Founder of Anja Health

If you know anything about Garland, like I do, one thing you're certain to walk away with after meeting him: he's a professional, he's thoughtful, he's genuine, he's ready and willing to work his arse off for the benefit of the people he's serving, which means, he's the guy you want to go with when it comes down to your project and getting your project off the ground––the man soars, he glides, he's, after twenty years of knowing him, as close to superman as I've met when it comes to getting the job done.

Jimmy Santiago Baca, Poet

Zoomcatchers were able to walk us all through myriad tasks and tools during our class and was somehow able to make the process fun, while being effective. He even followed up with additional Zoom tips and tricks reminders for us to use a day or two after our class.

Lisa A., instructor at Youth Arts Academy at The Billie Holiday Theatre

The success of our livestreamed table read wouldn't have happened without Zoomcatchers. Garland and Kimberly took care of all the details, from tech to casting calls, and it allowed me to focus on the actor performances. Everything went so smoothly. I can't highly recommend them enough. More importantly, I can't wait to work with them again!

Ryan Riddle, Writer

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