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Life & Anth
Mystifying the Ordinary

Looking for a short, thought-provoking podcast for your ride to work? Check out our latest in-house podcast, Life & Anth with Zoomcatchers vet, Lily Forrester. Utilizing her expertise in Anthropology, Lily weaves complex anthropology webs in 15 minutes, engaging with domestic stories people care about. Check out the first episode, “A Tale of Two Wellesleys”, on YouTube and Spotify! 


Queering the Stage
Episode 3 

Join Lily and guest ethnomusicologist, Becca, at the intersection of academics and artists where they muse on the rising queer band, boygenius, and the context that brought them into the light. This episode detangles the social structures that exist both within the band and between artist and fan and why those may exist. Lily defines such concepts as hegemony, agency, cultural capital, and performativity as they relate to all things boygenius.

Touchy Subjects
Episode 2

Exploring the nature of the least likely fallout from the Vietnam War, Lily is joined by guests Shelly and Mindy to unpack the complex relations underlying the group fitness industry. This episode navigates its complicated webs of power, from gender dynamics to parasocial relationships, starting at its roots and into the present day. Lily defines concepts such as cultural relativism and structural anthropology as they apply to modern-day group fitness.

A Tale of Two Wellesleys
Episode 1

Beyond the rolling, manicured hills of the college campus that boasts graduating two of the three female Secretaries of State in history lies a town with its namesake. Welcome to wealthy Wellesley, Massachusetts, where tensions between the college and the townies run high. Today, Lily is joined by guests Sophia and Ali, who both attended the College and worked in the town, and offer their insight on the causes and manifestation. This episode defines terms such as positionality, emic and etic, and discusses the nature of purity narratives as they are portrayed through this unique relationship.


We have so many questions to answer and so much anthropology to learn, and you can join in our musings on your favorite channel to listen to your podcasts. We'll see you there.

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