Meet the Team

Zoomcatchers is composed of a group of diverse individuals each bringing a unique background and set of skills. During July 2020, we assembled as a team and began working to connect individuals, improving communication. 

Our Values



We believe in change. Times are changing and we want to help you take a step into the new normal with eyes wide open. Through collaboration and connectivity, we are prepared to create the future you envision. ​​​



We believe in imagination. Together, we can provide solutions to unsolvable problems. Our goal is to meet your wildest dreams and surpass them. We believe no dream is too big. 


We believe in flexibility. We are committed to making every experience unique. Whether you’re an individual, an established company, or a start-up, we can help you. 


We believe in people. We want to foster a community that’s as expansive as oceans, and technology should not stand in the way of that human connection. We are determined to use technology as tools, not the end goal. 

Our Mission


Our mission is to achieve quality virtual events through video conferencing platforms. We relieve hosting and planning responsibilities from businesses and individuals to give them the power to focus on forming meaningful connections with their communities.