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The Roundup | December 2023

Zoomcatchers | Newsletter 21

01 | Tis the Season to be...Podcasting!

We’re super excited to launch our new Subscription Services! Thinking about getting your podcast in front of audiences this coming year? Now is the time to act! All podcasts and all podcasters are unique, which is why we guarantee options to our subscribers. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll work with you to determine the package that best suits your needs.


Make An Impact

Raise Your Voice

Promote Your Products & Services

02 | Life & Anth Episode 4: Coming Soon

Be on the lookout for Episode 4 of Life & Anth, 'More is Less', an anthropological discussion of women's fashion throughout time and how it fits into the changing cultural landscape. Lily brings on cross-generational guests to discuss feminist perspectives from various waves of the movement and explores the question of freedom as it relates to the clothes we wear.


This episode will be dropping soon, so be sure to check out our podcasting hub and be on the lookout for updates.

03 | What's New With Conversations on Aging? Lots!

Check out our latest episode, "THE POWER OF COMMUNITY SERVICE | A CONVERSATION WITH LARA CALVERT" on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube!


Our conversation this episode is all about the Power of Community Service and we have another great guest to talk about it, Lara Calvert from Spectrum Community Services in Alameda County, California. Lara Calvert is the Executive Director of Spectrum Community Services and an advocate for human empowerment. She spends her time on issues and projects that help others live life to their fullest.

In 2013, Lara brought her passion to Spectrum Community Services, where the health & safety of older adults and families are the focus. The team at Spectrum serves over 12,000 Alameda County residents each year through programs to keep them in their homes; increase home energy efficiency; and provide nutritious meals; education and exercise to reduce injuries all while giving much-needed positive social interactions.


04 | Join Us For All-New Virtual Theater in the FSWW x Zoomcatchers Play Reading Series

Grab an app and beverage and join us for a virtual night at the theater!


Zoomcatchers in partnership with The Frank Silvera Writers’ Workshop and the Billie Holiday Theatre is pleased to announce the 23/24 Play Reading Series!


Immediately following the readings, a talk back session will be held with the playwrights! You can join the conversation with audience members from around the world!


Coming soon: Between the Wires -

It’s been 56 years since Rosa & Leo met secretly in a Nazi concentration camp, whispering between the wires that separated the men and women. Promising to meet after the war, Leo never showed up. When Leo calls from New York, Rosa answers in Australia, and they find themselves back where they began – torn and facing an uncertain future.

Between the Wires speaks with humor and passion of our strengths, frailties, fears, and longings. Taking the audience on a journey through pain, despair, hope and love, the horrors of the Holocaust are not staged but manifest in memories. They illuminate humanity through a universal perspective that reflects and questions the world we live in today.


It's 1974, and there's great internal turmoil in the Black Panther Party, especially in the Oakland, California branch. Huey Newton, its leader, has gone into exile in Cuba, and there’s a terrible war between many of America’s Black revolutionary groups. President Richard Nixon has resigned in disgrace; Elaine Brown has become the first female leader of the Black Panther Party, and Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver are returning from exile in Algeria.


 Sunday, December 10 @ 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST

Coming soon: Brooklyn, Bridge & Fence Revisited -

Leslie, a young "millennial," tries to relax in the backyard of her newly acquired Bed-Stuy brownstone in Brooklyn just as Douglass Frederick, a long-time resident of the neighborhood, brings out his boombox and sets up his barbecue grill next door. Can neighbors, new and old, bridge the fences that divide them?


 Sunday, January 14 @4:00 PM PST/7:00 PM EST

Join us Here!

05 | Congratulations to Kathryn Cross

A huge congratulations to Kathryn Cross, founder of Anja Health on being named one of Forbes' 2024 30 Under 30! We are so honored to have had Kathryn on Zoomcatchers' ScienceQuest to talk about the inspiring story behind her trailblazing business. Check out our conversation here!

Anja Health was founded by Kathryn Cross, who has experience in marketing and was motivated by her personal background to improve the penetration of cord blood banking among Gen-Z parents. Kathryn's brother Andrew had cerebral palsy from a young age, and as a result, Kathryn’s family became familiar with the cord blood space as they searched for a matching donor to provide him with cord blood therapy. They unfortunately couldn’t find one, but that journey inspired the foundation of Anja Health. In May 2022, Anja Health raised $4.5million in seed funding. To learn more about cord blood banking, visit Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation at 

06 | Check Out the Zoomcatcher Network

Art, Culture, Music, Science  

Conversations on Aging

Life & Anth

Women of Rock

07 | Lean Into Podcasting

We want to help you get your ideas off the ground! Have an idea you want to flesh out? Or you just want to know what working with us would mean? Shoot us an email at and we'll help guide you into the world of podcasting.


We can't wait and neither should you! Check out our services today!

Until next time, with love,


Your Zoomcatchers Team

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