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March 2024 Blog

We’re Celebrating Women's History Month!

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What’s New!

We’re super excited to announce Conversations on Aging: Season 2: The Artists! We will be talking with artists, actors, writers, and more this season and find out more about how the aging process has impacted their personal and professional lives. Upcoming guests include award-winning author Jimmy Santiago Baca, and comedian & director Rhonda Passion Handsome!

Episode 6 will feature a New Zealand actor, Julie Collis who discusses her personal and professional journey through the aging process! Julie is an award-winning actor, dancer, and singer. We will take a deep dive into her story and listen to excerpts from the piece Slow Dating, written by Adam Szudrich. Slow Dating is a one-woman monologue about elderly speed dating. Watch & listen to previous episode here.

Join us for our Sunday Virtual Play Reading Series!

Grab an appetizer and your favorite beverage for an evening of live theater!

What’s Coming:

Elders Igniting: Many More Stories To Tell

FSWW in partnership with Zoomcatchers and The Billie Holiday Theatre is pleased to present: Elders Igniting: Many More Stories To Tell, an ensemble of one-act plays by Atlanta's renowned senior playwrights and directed by Byron Saunders.

Senior Prom: by Dr. Janice Liddell 

Seventy-seven-year-old Grandie, who never attended her high school senior prom because of the Birmingham children’s march, is encouraged by her two grandchildren to attend the Mayor’s Senior Gala. Her grandchildren, Ife and Akon, introduce her to online matchmaking where they also find her a date to the Gala. 

Dying Well: by Jamil El-Shair 

Sundiata prepares both himself and his wife, Miriam, for her imminent death from ovarian cancer. With the assistance of their estranged son, LeRoi, the family is able to move through their grief to assist the family matriarch in the all-important act of Dying Well. 

Move the Car: by Carlton Molette 

An elderly couple refurbishes a forty+ year-old car, a car that saw most of the dating action of their youth. They then take the restored car apart and reassemble it inside their bedroom to achieve the real objective of their large investment.

If you missed our live reading of Anna May Wong: Persona, you can watch the performance now!

A new play written by Kai Xing Mun

Anna May Wong is a historical figure of cultural and artistic significance in an era that wanted to erase everything she was and stood for. Through Anna, we can look at law and war, as well as the artists she worked with and politicians she met. Join Anna on her journey in acting and to look at arts and politics around the world as well as love and friendship.

Brooklyn, Bridge & Fence: Coming this May!

Written by Sabura Rashid and directed by Rhonda Passion Hansome.

Leslie, a young "millennial," tries to relax in the backyard of her newly acquired Bed-Stuy brownstone in Brooklyn just as Douglass Frederick, a long-time resident of the neighborhood, brings out his boombox and sets up his barbecue grill next door.  Can neighbors, new and old,  bridge the fences that divide them?

Lily Forrester is back!

Keep on the lookout for Life & Anth, Episode 5 with Zoomcatchers host, Lily Forrester!

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