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Exploring the Intersection of Love, Theater, and Tech

Updated: May 24

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Join us for our Sunday Virtual Play Reading Series with the Frank Silvera Writers' Workshop in partnership with the Billie Holiday Theatre! Grab an appetizer and your favorite beverage for an evening of love, tech & theater!

We’re super excited to present our next reading: 

Gina, a transgender woman, and Keith, a cisgender man, navigate the joys and complexities of life over the course of their relationship. As emerging technologies offer a chance to connect with those who’ve passed away, both must decide what being alive actually means. 

IMPOSSIBLE THEORIES OF US is a play full of complicated hope, unfolding spirituality, and the dynamic ways one couple navigates mortality. Exploring both the possibilities and responsibilities of artificial intelligence, it challenges our expectations of what truly makes us human.

Playwright John Mabey (They/Them) is a writer and storyteller whose plays have been published and produced on stage in 7 countries and throughout the United States. John lived in Europe for a decade before residing in Atlanta and continues to work with theatre companies around the globe both virtually and in-person. Their work as a playwright is connected to their career in Psychology and certification as a Mental Health Counselor, infusing everything they’ve learned about behavior, emotion and relationships into their plays. John is also a published author on the topics of sexual identity and spirituality in academic books and journals. When not writing, they enjoy teaching and performing improvised comedy and true storytelling around the world.

Denny (She/Her) is a writer, actor, and musician who has co-starred on CITY ON FIRE (Apple TV+), POSE (FX) and NEW AMSTERDAM (NBC) as well as THE GRAMMY, ALLURE and more. Her 2021 essay "He Made Affection Feel Simple" was published in The New York Times’ Modern Love column. Denny is a regular contributor to RECKON.NEWS, and currently she's working on new music, a short film and a speculative nonfiction book.

Garland Thompson Jr. (He/Him) is an actor, poet, playwright, filmmaker, director, producer and Executive Artistic Director of The Frank Silvera Writers' Workshop (FSWW). His extensive career includes work with The Public Theater, Manhattan Theatre Club, Los Angeles Theater Center, and Steve Jobs Theater, among many others. By promoting creativity and inclusivity, Garland continues to help shape the future of theater and playwriting through the FSWW, impacting both the local community and the broader artistic landscape.

This reading will be followed by a moderated critique session where you can offer direct feedback to the playwright and cast! Join the conversation! 

The Frank Silvera Writers' Workshop Foundation, Inc. is an arts organization celebrating 50 years of dedication to developing and supporting both new and experienced playwrights who tell stories of the African diaspora in the Americas, as well as those from other traditionally marginalized communities. It was founded in 1973 by Garland Lee Thompson, Sr., Morgan Freeman, Bille Allen Henderson and Clayton Riley with an enduring mission to continue providing an artistic, developmental home for playwrights and artists who are shaping the theater of the 21st century and beyond.

Impossible Theories of Us by John Mabey

featuring Denny as Gina

Garland Thompson Jr. as Keith

Reading Directed by Garland Thompson Jr.

Sunday, May 26, 2024 @4:00 PM PST/7:00 PM EST

May is Older Americans Month! We’re celebrating!

Conversations on Aging: Aging with Passion!

Is Aging a Laughing Matter?

Watch Episode 7 featuring comedian  Rhonda Passion Hansome and find out! 

This native New Yorker discusses her personal and professional journey through the aging process, AI, early bird comedy specials, pro-aging content and much more!

Rhonda has directed and appeared in numerous productions on stage and several Zoomcatchers' productions including Brooklyn, Bridge & Fence, Between The Wires, Prenuptial Disagreements, and The Shadows of Love & Light. Her comedy has opened shows for Anita Baker @ Radio City Music Hall, Diana Ross @ Constitution Hall & Aretha Franklin @ Caesars in Atlantic City. Every Monday night (#HansomeMonday) she guests on John Fugelsang’s radio show "Tell Me Everything" on Sirius XM Ch 127.  Rhonda writes the political cartoon, Politoonitics on Facebook. Watch or listen here!

The Frank Silvera Writers' Workshop

From The Page To The Stage!

Zoomcatchers and The Frank Silvera Writers’ Workshop continue the celebrations with ELDERS IGNITING: MANY MORE STORIES TO TELL,  an ensemble of one-act plays by Atlanta's renowned senior playwrights and directed by Byron Saunders. Congratulations to the playwrights, director and cast on a successful run of this staged production in Eastpoint, GA!

Watch the FSWW virtual play reading of this series here:

New Releases!

Zoomcatchers in partnerships with FSWW and The Billie Holiday Theatre is pleased to present the release of: THE SHADOWS OF LOVE AND LIGHT written by Bay Area playwright Larry Americ Allen and directed by James Brooks.

A mother has dinner with the son she had aborted 30 years earlier. 

Watch and hear this story unfold!  Watch here:

What’s Coming!

Life & Anth, Episode 5: “Your Scars and You.”

Keep on the lookout for Life & Anth, Episode 5 Your Scars and You” with Zoomcatchers' host, Lily Forrester

Last episode, Less is More, Lily discusses changes in women’s fashion over time as well as the changes in the conversation that surrounds it. The episode breaks down various socio-political narratives that are applied to women’s dress and examined the impact it has or doesn't have on the empowerment of women, so be sure to give that a listen. Next episode, Lily looks not at clothing, but at the body itself and the story it inadvertently and inevitably tells. 

Check out previous episodes: Watch or listen 

Be sure to check out our podcasting hub and be on the lookout for updates! We’re here for you when you’re ready to create your next passion project!

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The Zoomcatchers Team 

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