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False Flag

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For decades, a terrorist organization called The Union of the Snake has made bold, atrocious attacks on freedom across the globe. In hugely publicized and televised battles, the Union of the Snake has been opposed at every step by the American antiterrorist task force called DangerWatch. This has led to wildly popular toy lines, a long running animated series, children's books, comic books and video games, all immortalizing this struggle. 

What the public doesn't know is that it's all a production, wholly created by the American military and intelligence communities, to create a manufactured degree of terror anywhere they want in the world. Backed by the international arms consortium called The Kulak Group, both sides execute carefully orchestrated battles with huge degrees of property damage. In regards to the civilian casualties that often occur, the motto is, "people getting hurt is part of the show.” 

Black and White

Hannibal Tabu

Hannibal Tabu is a writer, journalist, DJ, poet, designer, digital program manager and raconteur.

AWARDS: 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt, 2019 Cultural Trailblazer Award from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, was on the Eisner Award-winning staff of Comic Book Resources, contributed to Ringo Award-winning comics benefit anthology Mine! A Celebration of Liberty and Freedom For All. 

COMIC BOOKS: Time Corps, Irrational Numbers and Scoundrel for Wunderman Comics; Artifacts #35 for Top Cow/Image Comics; Fathom Sourcebook, Soulfire Sourcebook, Executive Assistant Iris Sourcebook and Aspen Universe Sourcebook for Aspen Comics; Menthu: The Anger of Angels with Robert Roach; Project Wildfire on Second Sight Publishing with Quinn McGowan; co-writer (alongside 2 Guns writer Steven Grant) of an issue of Watson and Holmes for New Paradigm Studios.

PROSE: Waso: Will To Power and Waso: Gathering Wind for Stranger Comics; Dark Universe: The Bright Empire, Steamfunk!, Cyberfunk! and Black Power prose fiction anthologies for MV Media; two self-published novels (The Crown: Ascension and Faraway).

POETRY: (sic) Vice Verse (journal); A Drumming Between Us (journal); Multiverse: An Anthology of Superhero Poetry; two volumes of Drumvoices Revue (anthology); Voices From Leimert Park and Voices From Leimert Park Redux (anthology).

JOURNALISM: weekly comic book reviews can be found on and the iHeartRadio podcast Nerd-o-Rama with Mo and Tawala.

MORE INFORMATION: please visit the website,

Ryan Riddle.webp

Ryan Thomas Riddle

Ryan Thomas Riddle is an award-winning writer for his previous work as a mild-mannered reporter. He is assuredly no relation to Lord Voldemort.

His work has also appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the Palo Alto Daily Post, Fast Co Design, Comics Bulletin, and 99U.

Nowadays, he's a screenwriter, working on a variety of projects for TV/Film and comics. Most recently, he co-created and co-wrote the SF-Horror audio drama We Don’t Belong Here (produced by Avaaz Media).

He's currently developing several pilots, including a crime noir anthology with an LGBTQ+ bent and another about the first generation of FIlipino migrant workers in America with his writing partner.

As a proud Fil-Am queer, his work heavily features Filipinx and queer characters in a variety of genre stories.

Ryan still uses his journalism skills in his work with Fact Trek, which is on a mission to bust the myths around the production of the original Star Trek series.

When not pounding the keyboard, Ryan is an occasional starship commander. You can read all about his adventures through time and space on Twitter, @ryantriddle.

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