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Still, wondering how to reach your potential customers without spending a bunch of money and effort on it? 


Zoomcatchers is pleased to announce its new podcasting services and its Zoomcatchers Podcasting Playbook! Get noticed and reach your customers and clients!




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Celebrate Your Work

Summer 2023

Anthropologist Lily Forrester

Anthropology Podcast

Sep. 2023

Brooklyn Bridge play reading

Play Reading

Aug. 2023

Rock Podcast

Aug. 2023

Meet the Fam - Kimberly Gunn of @zoomcatchers
Ecamm Live

Meet the Fam - Kimberly Gunn of @zoomcatchers

At Ecamm, we have an incredible group of live streamers, video podcasters, content creators, and video professionals. Ecamm members are creating video for all kinds of industries from music to education to course creators, magicians, real estate agents, lawyers, and more. They're pretty incredible, really. So we're bringing them in front of our cameras to show you all of the amazing things that they're creating. Meet the Fam. #EcammFam In this episode, we're chatting with Kimberly Gunn of Zoomcatchers. Kimberly Gunn currently is Executive Director of Zoomcatchers, a virtual event, and remote production company. Kimberly has years of experience working in Corporate America, Education, and Remote/Event Production arenas as an educator/trainer, presenter, and producer. Zoomcatchers was founded during the pandemic in 2020 with the idea of helping others keep connected amidst separation. The Zoomcatchers Team remotely produces: Behind The Screen: Cool Conversations with Cool People and Behind The Beat Podcasts. In 2021, Zoomcatchers collaborated to bring the Hell, California Crime Anthology Series to the digital space. We love working with people from all around the world! At Zoomcatchers, We bring stories to life and we reimagine virtual. Zoomcatchers features unique artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs on our shows. We have been using Ecamm Live to power our productions and bring our author presentations, virtual play readings, and product releases to the virtual stage. We love it and it has been a game-changer! Zoomcatchers is pleased to announce the upcoming show: ScienceQuest: The Summer of Science Series, where it's all about science and science-related content. We are so happy to have Ecamm as a powerful tool in this venture! She also is a speaker of Mandarin Chinese and has taught Chinese language and culture classes and courses both in-person and virtually. Kimberly is looking forward to appearing on Meet The Ecamm Fam! She has been attending training sessions and Ecamm live streams for months and is excited to meet everyone! #livestreaming #virtualevents
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