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Our Services

At Zoomcatchers, we put our clients’ wishes at the forefront, customizing unique events that are perfectly suited to their needs. Interested in working with us? Read on to learn more about what we offer.

1.  Event Planning

Explore the different event possibilities 

Discuss potential event features including polls, videos, Q&A portion, extent of event attendee engagement, order of speakers, etc. 

Discuss the structure of the event and the potential event agenda

Consultation for best online event and presentation practices

2.  Pre-Production

Dress rehearsal 

Event walk-through

A/V testing 

Agenda run through 

Last-minute logistics settled

3.  Production

Event management and event attendee engagement:

Keeping event on time and on track 

Speaker management 

Event features (see “Event Planning” section for definition of event features)


Attendee engagement 

Live chat management

Share troubleshooting tips

4.  Post-Production

Recorded event download

Edited marketing reel(s) from the event 

Transcription of event

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