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To communicate truth via science and inform, educate and entertain the public and raise awareness of science related stories.


To serve as a nexus for science, technology and art and stimulate positive action to create a beautiful world for the next generations.

Meet The Team


Kimberly S. Gunn

Kimberly is the Executive Director of Zoomcatchers and is the Producer of the Behind The Screen and Behind the Beat series. Her background includes working for Fortune 500 companies in publishing and telecommunications and public education. 


She holds a B.A. from Wellesley College, and an M.A. from The University of Texas at Austin in Chinese Studies. She also has studied Business Administration at the Middlebury Graduate Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She has studied abroad at China’s Harbin Institute of Technology.


Her love goes back decades and she draws on her public education experience finding innovative ways teaching science during the Covid Pandemic.


ScienceQuest is a lifelong dream to bring science and scientific principles to the forefront.


Leticia Gomez

Leticia Gomez is a Texas-based book/film & television agent who specializes in bringing culturally diverse voices to the forefront. She is the CEO & Founder of Savvy Literary Services which has become an industry leader in championing the work of multicultural authors. She also serves as President of the entertainment division for Ascendant Group, one of the leading branding and marketing firms in the nation. She has had a good number of projects successfully optioned for film and television adaptation. As a literary agent, she has placed close to 200 books with independent and mainstream traditional publishers. Blending her experience as an author, literary, film and television agent and acquisition editor, she is now truly excited to spearhead her own Latino focused book imprint Café con Leche Books.


Steven Arzberger

"I lead business initiatives, with strategy and execution to ensure that we have the resources to establish and grow our programs. I use analytics to measure our progress and provide business insights"


Lily Forrester

Lily is an anthropology major and music minor at Wellesley College, working as the Communications Intern for Zoomcatchers. She joined the team in May of 2021 hoping to use her knowledge as a former Market Research Intern to help connect the world through audience acquisition for first-class virtual events. Lily is thrilled to be a part of the movement.


Nathalie Jamavan

Nathalie is studying mathematics and mechanical engineering at Wellesley College. She joined Zoomcatchers in June 2020 and has been working as an intern focusing on developing web and business endeavors. She’s excited to work on Science Quest, promoting STEM education for all audiences.

Upcoming Events

ScienceQuest is a fun, scientific, knowledge specific, electric, virtual educational experience! 

Our guests will explore topics to better inform our audience about relevant science related topics including the environment, climate change, scientific & technological innovations and much more! Bring your questions and your curiosity!

ScienceQuest Launch

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Coming Soon

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Sassy Earth

Sassy Earth

Meet Sassy Earth!

She's the host for the ScienceQuest series. She's about 4.543 billion years old and is home to over 7 billion people and more than 8.7 million different species. 


She is THRILLED to host this series and teach us all a little more about herself! 

Watch the series promo HERE!